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We are FIRST Robotics Competition team BumbleB #3339 from Ish-Shalom high school, Kfar-Yona, Israel. Our team is part of the FIRST organization whose expressed goal is to develop ways to inspire students in the fields of STEM.

We are a professional organization led and inspired by a long-term mission striving to achieve specific goals. Our group comprises 58 high school students and 13 adult mentors who voluntarily guide the various sub-teams in our team.

The group focuses on two main areas:

  1. The robot - our goal is to be a group with the highest possible engineering standards capable of winning the world championship.

  2. The community - we adhere to FIRST values, which include spreading scientific and technological knowledge to various social groups who may not otherwise have had access to such knowledge. By working with the community we hope to make a meaningful and lasting impact on as many people as possible in our local, statewide, and international communities.

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